The CADAR™ ethos is based on purity of form. Symbols for light, water and life appear throughout the collection
and are fundamental to its meaning. Each piece is conceived with a reverence for these elements, while embracing
subtle visual references, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, spiritual geometry and Japanese artistic motifs.
The result is a collection that embodies bold minimalism and elemental beauty, notable for its proportion and balance.
CADAR™ pays homage to the architecture of the body; each curve and angle is a thoughtful study of the intimate
connection between gold and skin. A delicate arc that drapes fluidly around the neck or wrist, and the embrace
of a necklace or ring that moves in perfect harmony with a gesture, influence the wearer’s relationship to the jewelry.
CADAR™ evokes an experience, a celebration of the moment, capturing light and expressing movement.

The theme of the Collection is a sensual dance between light and form. It is comprised of three Suites that, together,
create an overarching narrative. CADAR™ I represents Light; CADAR™ II, Water; and CADAR™ III, Life, illustrated
by a bloom and converging silhouettes from Suites I and II.

I + II = III or Light + Water = Life (Bloom)

Handcrafted in New York City and Italy by local artisans, the Collection features yellow gold and diamonds, and reflects
the singular standards of its Creative Director, Michal Kadar.