Water Collection

The captivating beauty of the ocean horizon, where water meets sky, inspired the second collection. It explores the emotional qualities of water, its flow and its relationship to light. Rigid metal takes on the liquidity of water represented by three concentric semicircles that, free to shift and sway, mimic both the play of water and the reflection of light dancing on its surface.

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Water can be calm and tranquil or it can rise and fall in powerful waves. It is the ultimate feminine force of nature.

Michal Kadar

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All-encompassing light defines the premiere collection, featuring the sun, moon and stars as protagonists.

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Bloom Collection

The final member of the trio represents the convergence of light and water in a series of intricately crafted floral jewels. Curved petals echo the semicircular ripples of light, while a graceful cascade of fringe flows like water beneath a floral pendant. The luminous glow of the moon re-emerges in pave details on bangles and hoops.

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