• Michal Kadar | CADAR founder and Creative Director

Jewels are meant to be enjoyed. Each piece has vitality – it moves with the wearer to express a moment in time.

Michal Kadar


Design is second nature to CADAR founder and Creative Director Michal Kadar. As a young girl, she spent countless hours by the sea collecting shells her artist father used for his life-size sculptures. In turn, she developed meticulous attention to detail and an affinity for the meditative process of intricate work. The rich cultural mélange of her family’s European and North African heritage ignited her imagination from childhood and set a course for a life in art and design.
From the Renaissance icons of Florence to the sensory experiences of the desert, disparate influences played a formative role in shaping her early insights into nature and design.

Michal studied a range of design disciplines, including art, fine jewelry, and fashion. The latter commanded her passion early on, and by the age of twelve, she sought books and magazines to satisfy her curiosity for European couturiers and Japanese deconstructionists. Following the opening of a fashion boutique in Tel Aviv, her innovative designs quickly rose to prominence, and she cultivated a distinguished clientele that included international celebrities and socialites.
As a jewelry designer, Michal has received numerous accolades for CADAR, including FGI “Rising Star” in the fine jewelry category in 2016, “Best in Gold” at COUTURE 2017, and “Gold Design of the Year” in the 2018 inaugural Town & Country Magazine Jewelry Awards.

Each jewelry collection tells a story through sophisticated symbolism inspired by the world around us, encompassing themes such as light, water, love, and nature. The unifying aesthetic of bold minimalism and elemental beauty is notable for its proportion and balance. As a designer, Michal strives for excellence as she creates flattering pieces that women of all ages and aesthetics wear to express their unique style.

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