CADAR Python Collection | 18k Yellow Gold Fine Jewelry

Python Collection

Strength and flexibility meld seamlessly in serpentine earrings that ascend the ear, and a necklace, bracelet and ring that encircle the neck, arm and finger.


I am fascinated by the texture of snakeskin, and how snakes shed the old to reveal the new. This sensual ‘dance’ is channeled in the movement of the pieces.

Michal Kadar

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  • CADAR Feather Collection | 18k Yellow Gold Fine Jewelry

    Feather Collection

    As though nature adorned itself in golden plumage. Fluttering earrings replicate the delicate movement and lightness of a feather while beautifully elongating the neck.

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  • CADAR Fur Collection | 18k Yellow Gold Fine Jewelry

    Fur Collection

    The magnum opus of high fashion expressed through precious metal. Diamond-tipped coils burst forth from a dramatic cocktail ring, earring and bracelet, recreating fur’s plush glamour.

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