CADAR Essence Collection | 18k Yellow Gold Fine Jewelry
Inspiration Image for the Essence Collection

Essence Collection

An alluring pave diamond ring with full flourish, gracefully concedes to the arc of the
finger. A pair of striking spiral hoops fasten with a cone-shaped closure—, a stabilizing force on a journey inwards. Elsewhere, the cone appears on the southern tips of dramatic gold spiral earrings and a spiral necklace. Its purpose is a mystical grounding element to guide wearers towards their true north.


The deeper you look into yourself, the higher your soul evolves.

Michal Kadar

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    Origin Collection

    Championing primal energy, the Origin collection is composed of Siamese crocodiles conjoined at the stomach, the duo's physiology compels them to digest food in tandem for survival.

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  • CADAR Foundation Collection | 18k Yellow Gold Fine Jewelry

    Foundation Collection

    The magnum opus of high fashion expressed through precious metal. Diamond-tipped coils burst forth from a dramatic cocktail ring, earring and bracelet, recreating fur’s plush glamour.

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