Origin Collection

Championing primal energy, the Origin collection is composed of Siamese crocodiles conjoined at the stomach, the duo's physiology compels them to digest food in tandem for survival. Powerful, curved jewelry invites the wearer to explore this profound connection. Twin crocodiles featured in the diamond bypass ring and cuff meet face to face as they swirl around the body. A fluid gold lariat necklace slinks around the neck, while a gold, pinky signet ring stars three crocodiles interlaced in harmony.


I was immediately drawn to this earthy symbol and its reference to our primitive instincts. I felt that its deeper significance conveys the origin of our collective soul. Even though we may feel separate, we all emanate from one source. Like the Yin and Yang, separate but one, a fundamental truth.

Michal Kadar

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  • CADAR Essence Collection | 18k Yellow Gold Fine Jewelry

    Essence Collection

    An alluring pave diamond ring with full flourish, gracefully concedes to the arc of the finger. A pair of striking spiral hoops fasten with a cone-shaped closure - a stabilizing force on a journey inwards.

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  • CADAR Foundation Collection | 18k Yellow Gold Fine Jewelry

    Foundation Collection

    The emphasis on solid frames and structures is evident in a square link gold chain bracelet, commanding in form and seamless in construction.

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