Our Story

Founded in 2015, CADAR™ made its retail debut at Bergdorf Goodman and quickly became one of the most compelling new luxury brands in the fine jewelry industry. It has received numerous accolades, including for Michal Kadar as an FGI “Rising Star” in the fine jewelry category in 2016, “Best in Gold” at COUTURE 2017, and “Gold Design of the Year” in the inaugural Town & Country Magazine Jewelry Awards in 2018.

CADAR is at once modern and timeless, embracing subtle visual references to Art Deco, Art Nouveau, spiritual geometry and Japanese artistic motifs. Each collection tells a story through sophisticated symbolism inspired by the world around us, encompassing themes such as light, water, love and nature. The unifying aesthetic of bold minimalism and elemental beauty is notable for its proportion and balance.

Each piece is created with reverence for the architecture of the body, featuring intricate detail and stunningly fluid movement: A delicate arc that drapes the neck or wrist, an elongated earring that moves in perfect harmony with a gesture, and a cocktail ring that opens to reveal multiple layers all influence the wearer’s relationship to the jewelry.

Handcrafted in New York City and Italy by local artisans, CADAR features gold and diamonds, and reflects the singular standards of its Founder and Creative Director, Michal Kadar.